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Course TitleStart DateDurationLocationFacultyLanguage
ZI Comprehensive07/20/20143Zimmer Institute Carlsbad, CADr. Monish Bhola, Dr. Dincer Gurun, Dr. James Winkler, Dr. Michael LinebaughEnglish
ZI Advanced Surgical Cadaver Course07/31/20142Zimmer Institute Parsippany, NJDr. Monish Bhola, Dr. James WinklerEnglish
ZI Restorative Advanced08/07/20142Zimmer Institute Carlsbad, CADr. James Rivers, Dr. Glen AppelbaumEnglish
Predictable Bone Regeneration & Immediate Function Implants08/20/20141Worthington, OHDr. Monish BholaEnglish
Predictable Bone Regeneration & Immediate Function Implants08/21/20141Parsippany, NJDr. Monish BholaEnglish
ZI RevitaliZe08/21/20142Zimmer Institute, Parsippany NJDr. James Rivers, Henry Martin, CDT, Dr. Jeff LaroEnglish
Predictable Bone Regeneration & Immediate Function Implants09/10/20141Houston, TXDr. Monish BholaEnglish
ZI Advanced Surgical Cadaver - (M.A.R.C.) Miami, FL09/19/20142M.A.R.C. Miami, FLDr. Joseph Leonetti, Dr. Shankar IyerEnglish
ZI Restorative - All Removable09/25/20142Zimmer Institute Carlsbad, CADr. Paul Olin, Dr. Bill LarsonEnglish
ZI East Comprehensive - UNC09/26/20142Zimmer Institute Parsippany NJDr. Sompop BencharitEnglish
Staying Competitive With Restorative Techniques In the Anterior Esthetic Zone09/27/20141Los Angeles, CADr. Steven SadowskyEnglish
Breakthrough Concepts In Dental Implants10/01/20141Charlotte, NCDr. Edgard El ChaarEnglish
Breakthrough Concepts In Dental Implants10/02/20141Dunwoody, GADr. Edgard El ChaarEnglish
Taking Control of Implant Restorative Options10/10/20141Syracuse, NYDr. Vahik MeserkhaniEnglish
ZI 1 Day Esthetics and Lip Repositioning10/11/20141Zimmer Institute Parsippany, NJDr. Monish BholaEnglish
ZI West Rest "Immediate Prosthetic Solutions for Partial and Complete Edentulism"10/16/20142ZI West, Carlsbad CADr. Dincer GurunEnglish
ZI Advanced Surgical Cadaver - (M.A.R.C.) Miami, FL10/17/20142M.A.R.C. Miami, FLDr. Maurice SalamaEnglish
Breakthrough Concepts In Dental Implants10/22/20141San Diego, CADr. Edgard El ChaarEnglish
Predictable Bone Regeneration & Immediate Function Implants10/22/20141Providence, RIDr. Monish BholaEnglish
Breakthrough Concepts In Dental Implants10/23/20141Studio City, CADr. Edgard El ChaarEnglish
ZI RevitaliZe10/30/20142Zimmer Institute Carlsbad, CADr. Joel B. Henriod, Dr. Paul MeserkhaniEnglish
ZI RevitaliZe11/06/20142Zimmer Institute Parsippany, NJDr. James Rivers, Dr. Jeff LaroEnglish
ZI Comprehensive11/13/20143Zimmer Institute Parsippany, NJDr. Jason Kim, Dr. Ziad Jalbout, Dr. Michael Sonick, Dr. Mazen NatourEnglish
ZI Advanced Surgical Cadaver Grafting Course11/20/20142Zimmer Institute Parsippany, NJDr. John MinichettiEnglish
ZI Advanced Surgical Level 2 - NJ12/04/20142Zimmer Institute Parsippany, NJDr. Brian Mealey, Dr. Sidney BourgeousEnglish
ZI Restorative Advanced12/04/20142Zimmer Institute Carlsbad, CADr. Amy Ridell, Dr. Maria GonzalezEnglish
ZI Advanced Surgical Cadaver Course - (Las Vegas)12/12/20142Oquendo Center Las Vegas, NVDr. Suheil Michael Boutros, Dr. Nick CaplanisEnglish

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