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SwissPlus  Implant System

Preferred Design and Better Value in a Single-Stage Implant.

Want more from a single-stage implant? Every SwissPlus implant is packaged with an all-in-one Fixture Mount/Transfer - which can be used for insertion, impression taking and as a prepable final abutment. A surgical cover screw is also included with every implant.

The complete assortment of SwissPlus prosthetics support all your restorative needs. The standard for exceptional value in a single-stage system is the SwissPlus implant from Zimmer Dental.

  • Fixture Mount/Transfer minimizes chair time and financial investment. The fixture mount engages the internal connection and covers the implant's shoulder to function as an impression post and prepable final abutment. Every SwissPlus implant is also packaged with a 2mm cover screw.
  • Narrow 3.7mm Tapered SwissPlus® implant design has an internal hexagon platform and machined neck for soft tissue maintenance. Provides an enhanced sense of engagement and reduced micromovement. (Internal octagon connection on all other diameters).
  • MTX™* microtexture surface for enhanced bone apposition. Research confirms greater bone-to-implant contact with higher removal torque values. 1-3
  • Tapered implant design allows for osseocompression in soft bone. Ideal for placement in immediate extraction sites.
  • Efficient Self-Tapping design and double-lead threads on Tapered SwissPlus implants facilitate faster insertion, saving valuable surgical time

* Call for availability of MTX on SwissPlus implants.

»  Download SwissPlus Datasheet  (PDF document - 950KB)

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3. Results from animal studies cannot be directly correlated to results in humans.