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Switching to digital dentistry may be inevitable, but Zfx can make it a change you look forward to

Digital dentistry is on the rise—but not every digital platform is created equal. Zfx was built from the ground up by lab technicians who understand what you bring to the table—your ingenuity, your meticulous approach, your passion. Zfx isn’t here to replace you; rather, it’s a next- generation tool that augments your skill and experience, giving you an even greater ability to do what you do best.

Over the next few years, digital dentistry will continue to grow at a rapid pace. A recent survey found that 60% of the labs in the United States own a scanner.* Considering that traditional methods require hours of manual labor to produce a dental prosthesis, while digitization yields the same result in much less time, it’s no surprise more and more dental labs are converting to a digital system and saving their most valuable resource—their time.

*2012 US Dental Laboratory Market Assessment and Trend Report, The Key Group.

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Press Release: Zimmer Dental Partners with Zfx for Digital Dentistry Solutions

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