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Tapered Screw-Vent  Kit and Tools

Hex Drivers with GemLock Technology

Zimmer introduces two new tools with the latest in Restorative Technology; the new 1.25mm Hex Drivers with GemLock® Technology and the Restorative Torque Wrench with adjustable torque levels.

The 1.25mm Hex Drivers with GemLock Retention are designed for use with all Zimmer screws and components with a 1.25mm (0.50”) internal hex.  The user friendly tools are available in two sizes and feature the GemLock Technology which utilizes a spring loaded synthetic ruby in the shaft of the driver to provide improved retention. 

Part Number

Product Description

Total length


1.25mm Hex Driver, short



1.25mm Hex Driver, long


Torque Wrench Restorative Torque Wrench (part number TWR) is now available with adjustable torque levels and ratcheting head for smooth precision.     Torque level can be set between 10 – 35 NcM (with 5 NcM increments).
Torque Wrench with Inserts Designed for use with existing 1.25mm and Locator Torque Wrench insert drivers. (part numbers TW1.25, TW1.25L and LOCTW15, LOCTW21 pictured to left with Restorative Torque Wrench).
Prosthetic Kit Tray The Prosthetic Kit tray is designed to store hex drivers, torque wrench inserts and the  tools you need to restore any implant from Zimmer Dental. The autoclavable tray contains various sized wells where you can store several hex tools,  an assortment of healing collars,and abutments. Therefore, you may create a custom tool kit to meet your needs.

Prosthetic Kit Tray, autoclavable (2320, includes lid not pictured)
Two 1.25mm Hex Tools, Short & Long
Standard 1.25mm (0.050") Hex Drivers, Short & Long. Drivers Fit all implant cover screws, healing collars, abutment retaining screws.  (part numbers HX1.25, HXL1.25)
Friction-Fit Abutment Removal Tool

Friction-Fit Abutment Removal Tool to allow you to remove abutments for flexibility of replacement and/or patient care. (TLRT2)