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SwissPlus  Surgical Motor

The Zimmer® Surgical Motor System includes new and improved features that deliver the utmost in simplicity of use, reliability and convenience – providing clinicians with confidence and time savings during surgeries.

Designed for surgical specialists who perform implantology and maxillofacial surgeries, the Surgical Motor System offers programs with 20:1 and 1:1 reduction ratio to facilitate not only implant placement surgeries, but also wisdom teeth and bone shaping/grafting procedures. The ready-to-use system comes complete with a motor, console, one-piece, disposable irrigation tubing, and foot pedal.


New 20:1 Contra-Angle Handpiece with Light

Enlighten your surgical site with a daylight quality light. The new WI-75 LED G Contra-Angle Handpiece contains an independent light generator, eliminating the need for a separate motor unit with light generating capabilities and making it compatible with all motors that have an e-type connection.

With a brightness of 5,000 to 31,000 Lux and a large illumination field, an innovative LED technology provides intense daylight quality light superior to standard halogen bulbs. Click here to view the Handpiece brochure.



New Foot Pedal

The new S-N1 Foot Pedal was designed for more control in speed regulation and variation when pressing the pedal. A removable handle helps you easily move the pedal using your foot. The foot pedal is compatible with the Zimmer Surgical Motor System and available individually, as an improvement to your existing motor system.




The console is compact and light. It features a simple array of buttons and an easy-to-read display. Programs are pre-set to follow Zimmer Dental surgical protocol, but are simple to change for use with other implant systems.





Motor & Cord

The surgical motor with cord offers a wide speed range of 300-40,000 rpm and exact torque limitation from 5-50 Ncm. It can be used with straight and contra-angle handpieces of all types. This light and quiet running motor is maintenance-free and fully autoclavable.





20:1 Contra-Angle Handpiece

The contra-angle handpiece, intended for implantology procedures, features improved quick chuck connection with increased torque control to prevent jamming of drills. The 20:1 reduction ratio allows for the entire implant placement procedure to be performed using only one handpiece. The instrument is easy to maintain and can be thoroughly cleaned without dismantling.



Surgical Saw Handpieces

The surgical saw handpieces are intended for use in maxillofacial surgeries, including creation of osteotomy or bone removal with sagittal, oscillating or reciprocating movement. All handpieces deliver low vibration and quiet operation for a smoother procedure. The surgical saw product line also includes a wide range of saw blades.




Please click here for the Zimmer Surgical Motor System Brochure. For more information, see the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

The following files are available for downloading:

  • Accessory Chart with images and part numbers of selected accessories
  • W&H Service Forms:
Customer Location Service Request Form Commercial Invoice
United States of America Service Request Form U.S. N/A
Canada Service Request Form Can & Int’l N/A
Other countries (with a designated Service Center in Canada) Service Request Form Can & Int’l Commercial Invoice Int’l to Can